Scissors01 2

Since 2018, I've been posting daily collages to Instagram. Making daily collages is a low-stakes way to play and I like how the shapes seem to self-generate and how certain proportions persist.  Moving cut paper colours around is a really immediate way of developing a visual language and knowing when things look right. I highly recommend it!


Starting in 2022, I experimented with new Artificial Intelligence of the Generative Adversarial Network. Using my original hand-made paper collages as an image set, I trained a GAN to generate collage images that I could share on social media along with my hand-made collages.


Click here to read more about my Digital Twin Project.

Notan Landscape Studies

I live in Canada where there is a lot of distance between the landscapes.  I've logged many hours looking out from the window of a car.  These black and white ink drawings on 3" x 4.5" card are studies of line and shadow from that vantage.